This one’s for the boys! How to tell if a girl is interested in you?


You might be wondering whether the cute g   irl next door is actually interested in you, or perhaps a long time friend whom you’ve been eyeing for years. Life would be so much easier if you can just tell right? If only girls are showing obvious signs that they are into you. Unfortunately they don’t so you have to some science shit to know, lol. It’s not rocket science, trust me, after you read the last sentence of this article, you will not be clueless anymore.

It’s not that hard seriously, you just have to pay more attention to details and focus on her actions. She might not know it, but if she does have feeling for you, her body language will give her away. The thing is, most girls if not all are very obvious sometimes, their actions are subconscious signals when you’re around.


Most of the time, if your gut feel says something, learn to trust it and it might be really accurate. So if you are thinking that a girl might actually like you romantically, then you are probably right. But you know the thing is, your judgment might be a little off sometimes if you actually like her. It is much much more easier to tell if you do not have interest in her. If you are attracted to her, your emotions and sometimes doubt will cloud your thoughts and you would not see it clearly. So read on these 2 sure tells that will make you hit the mark!


If a girl likes you, you will almost always see her!

I am not kidding, but she likes you she will make sure that she takes all the opportunity to see you and to be with you. She will make sure that you will at least see each other everyday or every opportunity she gets. You might even wonder why the hell are always seeing each other. But the thing is, sorry to let down, she might want to be around you but she will never come talk to you. She’s shy that’s given, so she will be contented to be just be around you and hoping you might somehow notice her and eventually talk to her. You might even think that she’s avoiding you because she will talk to every person in the room, except you. She will appear to be ignoring you and not even looking at you but she actually does check you out from time to time. If you are interested in her, do yourself a favor and if ever you catch her looking at you, smile at her and strike up a conversation.


If the girl likes you, she laughs at every joke you say

If she indeed likes you, she pretty much is lively and happy when you are around. When it comes to you, even your bad joke will be the funniest joke she will laugh at. Or if it is really really really that bad, then she will at least smile and make you feel that the joke is appreciated and will make sure you get at least a smile as a reaction. Well, the reason for this is simple, as mentioned on the first sentence of this paragraph, she’s happy and lively when she’s with you, so her mood is definitely good and telling jokes is a sort of a kind of courtship, more like a playful one. So she often laughs at your jokes, then she does like you.

Those two are just the most vital information you will need, but if you want to validate more actions from her to ber sure, just observe her behavior and focus on her. If she likes you she will find a way to touch you. If she likes you, she will often need your help. If she likes you she will smile at you most of the time. There you go! Have fun trying to investigate.

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