Retail Therapy: Is It Really A Thing?

You must have heard the popular saying among girls, ‘when the going gets tough, the tough goes shopping’ That phrase is very truthful and has wisdom on it.


Accoring to the recent survey which was conducted by the TNS Global for the, the study has proven that more than half the American population admit to doing the retail therapy, a therapy of shopping and just spending just so they can improve their mood. Research suggests that 52% of the Americans do this, and surprisingly among the 52% of these Americans, 60% are women and 40% of men!


A survey conducted by TNS Global on behalf of found that more than half of Americans (52%, including 64% of women and 40% of men) admit to engaging in “retail therapy”—the act of shopping and spending to improve one’s mood. This echoes a previous study, published in the Journal of Psychology and Marketing, that revealed 62% of shoppers had purchased something to cheer themselves up, and another 28% had purchased as a form of celebration.

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The thing is, buying new things mean replacing the old ones and this can do help in transitions. Janice, a divorcee said that after her divorce the first she did was to replace all the things in her house and buy new stuff. This can really be part of moving on, change of environment and just changing all the things you get used to. Janice said that she spent hours of shopping just so she can find the best replacements to her old things. When finally found the one, she felt relieved and somewhat made it easier for her to adjust to the changes in her life. She says that it feels right, and makes you feel like starting from and just beginning a great life ahead.


Is it really therapeutic though? Well one thing is for sure, it is indeed helpful up to a certain point. Some experts say that it is indeed mood boosting, buying a great pair of shoes can put someone in a great mood. It can soothe soul and can make someone feel better. However, do note that this needs to be in moderation and sometimes there’s a thin line between a retail therapy and a being a shopaholic. There’s a difference.

Overdoing the consumptions is a no-no. Of course, you should know your limit and you should know when to stop. Buying things you know you will need can be a guide for the retail therapy.

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