Words You Should Never Tell To Your Girlfriend



Everyone knows for sure that women are very sensitive, however you should know that it is not always for the wrong reasons. There are certain things that you should never say to them simply because it is not appropriate? Let’s dig deeper into this. So, you were enjoying a dinner together then suddenly, out of nowhere she just stopped talking to you and has been sulking ever since? Then you wonder, what the hell did you do this time?

One thing you should never tell a women, she is just using her period as an excuse to bitch around. Oh boy! Prepare to die! You have probably heard this before, but you do not have any idea how painful and hard it is. Not only it is not comfortable and it is indeed painful! And women has to endure that EVERY MONTH!!! Que HORROR! It is not only the cramps or dysmenorrhea that is killing her, add to that the headaches, diarrhea, weakening of the body and mood swings! It is definitely a package.


It ALWAYS, I repeat ALWAYS comes with one or two of those, worse is she is experiencing all of them all at once. IMAGINE THAT??


So saying that she is using it as an excuse is definitely not appropriate and even rude considering the amount of pain she is in. So just a piece of advice, do not ever say this. Not only because you want to avoid fights, but because it is hurtful and will surely get you killed.


Another thing you should never say to a women is I love you when you are having a fight. This is very wrong on all levels. It is just not a good look, seriously. Women will know for sure that you do not mean it and just saying it just so the fight will be over. Women want things to be resolved so wanting it to be over without really resolving the issue will surely piss her off more. You will have the fight longer. So Word, never rush the fight, just go through it and try to understand each other.


There are cases where the women are closed minded and will never listen to your argument and instead just trying to counter what you want to say. In this case, do not point out the mistake or the wrong on her part. Why not highlight what will happen if this happens or that. Finger pointing is a no no.
One more thing to never say to her is, DID YOU GAIN WEIGHT?? Not only that it is upsetting, that phrase will be stuck on her mind for days, weeks or even months. Even if the conversation has happened hours, days later, she will check herself out on the mirror to see if she looks awful. This is way to lower her self confidence and self esteem.


This is also very hurtful. Because it can also translate to her as you’re becoming less attractive because you’re getting fat. So if you really love her and you do not want to hurt her, never say that to her.

Let’s add another line to the list, and this applies probably mostly on independent women: Be careful. When she is carrying something heavy or even as simple as carrying a box filled with issues inside. Independent women believe that they are strong and telling her to be careful while doing something pretty easy, they will hear that as an insult rather than care. She will surely think that you have an impression of her as someone frail and fragile.

She will hear it like you are saying she’s weak which she’s not. She’s strong and she can handle it WITH EASE! Do not worry if she’s struggling you would know. But as long as you do not see her struggling keep your hands off them and let them do their thing.

And lastly, this one falls off on the do not do rather than say. While fighting do not try to kiss her. Just like the I love you thing, this will make her more upset. This is an attempt to just shut her up and finish the fight which is again, far from what she wants. She wants to resolve the issue, not just finish the argument. At this point, she does not want a kiss or a hug, she wants to talk and resolve. The only way you can get the argument to be over is for it to be over! Resolve the issue. Remember that break up scene of Rachel and Ross? Ross tried to just kiss her and just reconcile. What happened at the end of the argument? They broke up right? If you want to keep the relationship, TALK!

There you go! The five things you should never say to a women. There are plenty more things you should avoid saying or doing. But the list above seems like the most popular things guys say. In general, yes women are complicated and very emotional, but knowing these things would surely make things a little less complicated right? At least you already know five things to avoid. You only need to know 59969929956888688299658869925 things after that. Ha!

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